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What Are You Podcasting For? | Podcraft S10E02

Hosted by: Scott Hastie

In the second episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we debate the answer to one of the greatest questions that every podcaster faces; What are you podcasting for?

If you are thinking of launching your own podcast, you should have a reason for doing so. In the show we explore the best way to figure out what you're working towards.


  • Know why you're podcasting, so you stay motivated when it gets tough.
  • Know who you're talking to, so you always make good content.

Podcast Purpose Or Aim

  • What do you want to get out of creating your podcast?
  • Think about your primary & secondary Aims
  • Primary aims may include drawing traffic or subscribers, creating audience engagement and interaction or helping with sales and brand building.
  • Secondary aims may include building a community and network surrounding something you love or creating revenue through sponsorship or patreons. Listen to our Season 5 episode of Podcraft specifically all surrounding how to set up a patreon.
  • You should make these aims measurable so you can analyse how you're doing along the way.

Case Studies

  • Podcraft is a good example. We have two primary aims and one secondary.
    • Our primary aim is to drive traffic to The Podcast Host.
    • Our other primary aim is to attract listeners to gain more tailored help and advice about how to start up their podcast through our Podcast Host Academy.
    • The secondary aim we have is credibility. We're proving we can run a great podcast
  • Blackadders are one of our partners who create their own podcast with our help.
    • Their primary aim is to generate more sales and clients through their creative marketing in making a podcast.
    • The secondary aim their have is to become a thought leader amongst their industry. They're doing something different and fun with their marketing which will build their reputation.


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Written by:

Scott Hastie

May 9th 2018