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How to Present a Perfectly Scripted Podcast | Podcraft Podcast S6E6

Hosted by: Robert Cudmore

I’m subjected to Masterchef occasionally, usually if I pop round to see my mum and dad. They love it, me, not so much. I always think it’s particularly cruel of the judges to be so critical of the foods presentation before they’ve even tasted it.

Presentation matters. And it’s the same for your podcast. You’ll be judged on the content of your show, and crucially, on how you deliver it.

You’ve planned your podcast, you’ve scripted some of the set-piece moments and you’re ready to hit the big red record button. I talked in chapter 1 about the concept of creating an invisible script, but how do you produce a podcast performance that matches your carefully crafted words?


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Written by:

Robert Cudmore

July 14th 2016