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TuneIn Podcast Submission: How to Get Listed in TuneIn

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TuneIn podcast submission is something all serious podcasters should consider. Anyone with a smartphone can record their ramblings and put them on blast at any given moment, offering a unique way to communicate with an audience that is unmatched in its intimacy.

Because the industry is saturated, merely having your listeners subscribe to your podcast isn’t good enough. You need to build a community and go where your current and future listeners are. These days, that’s TuneIn.

If you’re a podcaster in any capacity, you’ve likely heard of TuneIn. TuneIn is one of the most popular podcast streaming services available today. In fact, they deliver live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to 75 million active users monthly.

What sets their service apart from others, like Apple’s iTunes or Spotify, is that they offer listeners the ability to stream their favorite shows on Alexa-enabled devices, as well as Google Home devices. The big draw here is that listeners can truly listen to podcasts anywhere; their home, their car, outdoors, and more. Because listeners want more flexibility in terms of how and where they listen to podcasts, it’s worth learning more about TuneIn and TuneIn podcast submission.

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It’s pretty simple to submit to TuneIn overall; however, there are a few details and pitfalls you’ll want to pay attention to. Keep reading for more on the TuneIn podcast submission process. 

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How to Submit Your Podcast to TuneIn

With thousands of new TuneIn users listening daily, you’d be foolish not to get in on the action. Even if your podcast is in its beginning stages, joining this platform is advantageous. So how do you get started with a TuneIn podcast?

Submitting your podcast is very intuitive, straightforward, and requires very few steps. You will need to head over to their website and visit their section for podcasters here, to get going. You will then scroll about halfway down the page and click on “Publish Podcast.” Once there, you will fill out the required form to put your hat in the ring. 

TuneIn Podcast Submission Step by Step

1. The required form for TuneIn podcasts asks for the following information: 

Email address

You can use your personal or business email here

Podcast title

Input the title of your show 

Host name 

Enter your name and the name of any co-hosts 

XML/RSS feed

Remember to utilize a feed validator! Podcast feed validators exist to correct any issues with your feed, so all podcasting apps like TuneIn feature your show and all of your episodes.


TuneIn doesn’t require this. But, it can be helpful for users searching for podcasts from specific countries.


Enter what language your podcast is in


Enter the website of your podcast 

Podcast genre

Genres include arts & culture, health & wellness, music, true  crime, and more

Podcast email

Enter the email specific to your podcast

Phone number

Enter the phone number specific to your podcast 


Add your Twitter handle

2. Click on “send email” and await the results.

While not all of the fields are required, it’s better to put in all of the information you have, to increase your chances of approval. Having a podcast website, e-mail, phone number, and social media pages bolster your credibility and your marketing opportunities. Once you complete your form to your satisfaction, you will click on “send email” and await the results. 

3. Wait 24 hours

It typically takes a few days to a few weeks for TuneIn to add your podcast to their directory. Once TuneIn adds it, expect another 24 hours for it to go live.

4. Upload Creative Assets

Once approved, you will need to submit a logo and banner image. Logo images must be 1200px by 1200px in a JPG or PNG format and banner images should be 1024px by 300px.

5. All done!

You’ve completed the Tunein podcast submission process and submitted your podcast to TuneIn.

TuneIn Sharing Tools

It’s also important to note here that TuneIn offers helpful sharing tools and an embedded player to publish your podcast on your website and social media platforms.

Additionally, using the embedded player will give you access to listener analytics through their Amplifier tool. When you embed your podcast, you can request access to Amplifier here.

To embed your podcast, simply copy your TuneIn podcast URL, and copy and paste the embedded player code into your website’s HTML. If you ever need to update your TuneIn podcast, they’ve made it super easy. You can add your latest episodes, update episode information, or add new artwork and production credits through their site here.

75 million active users and more join TuneIn every day, so it’s time to launch your podcast on TuneIn. It’s simple, and with this TuneIn podcast submission guide, you can’t go wrong!

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