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Captivate Review | A Podcast Host Specialising in Marketing & Growth

Captivate market themselves as “The World’s Only Growth-Oriented Podcast Host”

What's this? *Another* new media hosting service has launched? Well, yes… and no.

Captivate might be brand new, but the folks behind it are industry heavyweights. They're the ones who run Rebel Base Media and Podcast Websites. They know the space inside out, and that was the first hint that Captivate might end up being one of the best podcast hosting options out there, going forward.

But reputation and experience alone isn't enough. As a podcast media host, there are a few core things you absolutely need to get right, and a million things you can do wrong. Pass those first tests, and we can then look at the “bells and whistles” stuff.

Choosing a media host for your show is one of the most important decisions you'll make. So how does Captivate actually work and perform? And does it look like a good option for you and your podcast? Read on and find out…

And, just incase you need the background: What is a media host, and why do you need one?

To let you know, the links to Captivate in this article are affiliate links. We'll get a commission if you sign up, and it wont cost you any extra. But, have no fear, we review fair – the affiliate commission just helps support the free content we put out here at The Podcast Host. Thanks for supporting us!

Cost & Download Limits

So let's get the price stuff out the way first. Captivate have 3 pricing tiers.

  • Podcaster – $19 a month – 10,000 downloads per month
  • Professional – $49 – 50,000 downloads per month
  • Brand – $99 – 120,000 downloads per month

These total monthly download limits are the only thing that's tiered with Captivate. All other features are open to users from the Podcaster plan upwards.

Automate Your Podcast Production & Publishing

Alitu is a tool that takes your recording, polishes it up, adds your music, and publishes the episode, all automatically.

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Each plan includes a 7 day free trial. You can play around with the service first-hand, to decide if it's right for you. All plans allow you to host multiple podcasts/RSS feeds for one cost.

Download Numbers

Monthly downloads can be a hard thing to quantify, because they depend a lot on the size of your back catalogue. For a rough guide, I'd say that if you were running a podcast that's about a year old, and new episodes were getting 1000 downloads within the first month of their release, then you'd be pushing the limit of that bottom tier.

For a deeper dive into stats, see what's a good number of downloads for a podcast? Bottom line though, the example I've just given would be a show in the top 20% of all podcasts, based on its numbers. To be in that position would mean you had plenty monetisation options, and the opportunity to run a decent Patreon to cover increased costs.

You'll find many cheaper options out there than Captivate. But I don't think what they're charging is in any way unreasonable for what you're getting, as you'll soon find out.

Getting Started

If you're a brand new podcaster, logging into a media hosting site for the first time can be a bit intimidating. That isn't the case with Captivate, though.

Not only is the dashboard well designed and easy to navigate, they also make sure that any questions you might have are answered quickly and easily. Each time you visit a new screen, you'll get a complete tutorial of what it's for, and how it works. There's also a little chat box in each page that guides you along the way, offering you hints, tips, prompts, and advice.

Whether you're creating a brand new podcast, or moving an existing one from another media host, the process is simple throughout.


Captivate provide download analysis on a number of different fronts.

  • Downloads Overview – A breakdown of downloads across set time periods.
  • Download Averages – On average, how many downloads your show gets across the stated period.
  • Daily Trends – The amount of total downloads your show had on each specific day.
  • How They Listen – This shows you the various ‘user agents' your show has been listened to via (for example, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, etc)
  • Where They Listen – Captivate's location stats show you where your listeners are, from country to country. They plan to hone in on this further to include things like states and cities in the near future.
  • Episode Analysis – The total downloads each episode has received.
Captivate review - responsive stats on any device

Captivate's stats have been proven to be robust and accurate, by not counting any downloads from bots, in a recent test by Daniel J. Lewis.

Files & Publishing

Captivate have a handy ‘Default Publish Time' setting you can use. This would be useful for someone who, for example, wants to release all their new episodes at 7am. This would save them having to set the time each time they upload new content.

Capitivate is one of the few hosting platforms that doesn't make any changes to your files. What you upload, your listener will download. That means no changes to file names, metadata, bitrates, etc.

This makes Captivate a good option for folks running highly-produced shows, such as stylised documentaries or audio dramas. If you want to encode your fully soundscaped episodes in stereo at a high bitrate, then you can. Here's more info on podcast bitrates if that's something you're unfamiliar with.


All media hosts these days will give you a basic website for your show. These are, naturally, a lot more limited than if you were self-hosting your own site.

The site you get with Captivate looks anything but basic, though. It's a heavily customisable space that you can make your own.

They're also fully responsive, so they'll look great on any device.

Captivate review - responsive website on any device

Domain-wise, by default you'd have But, it's really easy to set it up to work off your own domain.

For our own example, see


Captivate's superb looking podcast websites are complimented by equally superb looking podcast players.

This comes with play speed settings and sharing buttons. Just like the websites too, they're fully responsive on any device.

The players have a couple of really nice additional features, though. You can register as a Captivate affiliate, and this automatically turns the Captivate logo on your player into a referral link.

That means you can earn commission from everyone who clicks through their on your player, and signs up to the service.

There's also a nice ‘Calls to Action' feature, accessible from the player. We'll talk more about this in the ‘Growth' section.


Submitting your show to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more can all be done from inside the Captivate dashboard. This is yet another process that they make really simple.

Once in Apple Podcasts, you'll automatically appear in major apps like Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Podcast Addict too. Captivate automatically generates links to these aggregators, which is a really nice touch.

You can also integrate your account with your Podchaser profile, if you have one. Podchaser is considered by many to be “the IMDB for podcasts”.


Captivate automatically generates buttons on your site to places your show can be found. This makes it easy for your listeners to find and subscribe to the podcast on their app of choice.

You can also get special URLs for each episode to copy into your social media posts. These automatically generate an episode player to appear in platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Create Unlimited Podcasts

If you feel a compulsive need to start a podcast about every topic you're interested in, then Captivate is a great option.

You can start as many new shows as you like on whatever payment plan you choose. The only thing you'll need to keep an eye on is the total combined number of downloads of all your shows. Start hitting that limit, and you'll need to upgrade. However, Captivate gives you a 10% grace overage. You'll only need to upgrade if you use that grace for the second month in a row, or push past that 10%. If you have a sudden publicity spike, for example, this is great.

Build & Organise Teams

If you have others working on your podcast(s) with you, then Captivate make teamwork and collaboration simple.

You can add an unlimited amount of team members to your account, assigned to the roles of editor, producer, show manager, host, or brand partner. No need to be sharing around the same login details.

You can also create bios for each team member, and have them appear on your website too. This integrates neatly with Podchaser's team functionality.


Captivate market themselves as “the world's only growth-oriented podcast host”. They provide some useful tools to help you grow and monetise your show.

I've already mentioned the ‘Calls to Action' feature. This lets you create two links to anything you like, which are accessible through the episode player, as you can see below.

Captivate Review - Calls to Action

Common uses for these links would be things like downloadable resources, or you could use them to encourage support through platforms like Patreon.

You can set these same CTAs to appear in every episode player, or use an ‘Override' feature when publishing. This means you can have a unique CTA link for an individual episode too.

You can edit and change these at any time, so if one particular CTA was time-sensitive, you can always update it to something relevant and useful in the future.

The Captivate team have also promised “innovative new growth-oriented features” launching as the platform grows, so I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg here. It'll be really interesting to see what comes next.

Captivate Review: Summary

At the time of writing, Captivate is still fresh out of the box, with a few exciting features still in the pipeline.

There's certainly already enough on offer so far to make them one of the best podcast hosting options on the market.

  • The platform is well designed and makes everything very simple – even if you're completely new to podcasting.
  • The Captivate websites and players look superb.
  • Captivate provides two way integration with your existing WordPress website via the simple Captivate Sync™ plugin.
  • The building of teams and option to create multiple podcasts will be an attractive feature to some.
  • The ‘Calls to Action' feature is a nice touch.
  • For audio purists, they don't alter your file in any way.
  • The support team are always on hand via the live chat and helpful, guided knowledge base.

One wee thing that you can't yet do, is link to individual episode posts on your Captivate pre-built website. The Captivate team assure us that this function is in the works though. They also seem very open to feedback. This will certainly lead to us seeing ongoing tweaks, upgrades, and new features going forward.

Need More Help Choosing a Podcast Host?

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And, if you'd like more guidance and support about this, and any other aspect of podcasting, then take a look at The Podcast Host Academy.

There, you'll find all of our courses, downloadable resources, community forum, and regular live Q&A sessions. It's the one-stop-shop place for building and growing a great podcast!


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  1. Mark Bishop on 6th September 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Fascinating stuff thanks for giving me this knowledge.
    What we really need though is one source to go to so my Podcast will get to play on all platforms out there.

    Do you know if anyone is doing this soon? One hears different comments about which platforms I should be with because they have more potential listeners than anyone else? Can you clarify, please?

    Thanks again!

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