Using a Zoom H1 With 2 Lavalier Mics

Using a Zoom H1 With 2 Lavalier Mics

The Zoom H1 is still a great little recorder. It's very affordable, portable, and still offers you a few different options for how you record.

If you do a lot of interviews with your H1 you've probably tried a few different recording methods.

You can sit the H1 on a table and talk around it, but this can cause your recordings to sound a bit ‘roomy'.

You can hold the recorder or attach the mic handle, and move it back and forward between yourself and your guest. With these methods you're going to get a bit of handling noise in your recordings, your volume levels are going to be quite inconsistent, and you're also going to get a sore arm if you talk for any length of time.

Sound Sample

I'm a big fan of lavalier mics for podcast interviews – specifically the ART3350.

With the Zoom H1, it's possible to use two lav mics by plugging them in via a splitter.

For more control over both mics independently, check out the HosaTech YMM-261 Stereo Splitter.

This is a great way to improve your podcast interviews without breaking the bank, or replacing your Zoom H1.

If you're exploring your options for new podcasting gear though, have a look at our equipment directory, with links to all the mics and recorders that we've tested and reviewed.

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  1. Hello, thank you for the great article.
    I’ll be moving around while interviewing someone, perhaps during a hike or a walk down the street. I’m wondering if you could make any recommendations for a wireless setup that might help me accomplish this?
    Also, do you have an opinion on the Zoom H1 vs. the Sony ICD-UX533?
    Thank you in advance!


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