The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast

The Martian Guide to Marketing Your Podcast

By Richard Brooks “We’re certainly not advocating that you form some kind of armed militia to spread the word of MarsCorp. But we can’t stop you from doing that either.” Getting noticed is an increasing challenge for new audio dramas seeking to gain visibility in an ever more crowded field. Of course, gaining a backing

How Hootsuite Bulk Message Upload & a Smart Spreadsheet Can Automate Your Social Media can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How Hootsuite Bulk Message Upload & a Smart Spreadsheet Can Automate Your Social Media ( In this video I wanted to cover the method I use to keep social media under control. I work with Hootsuite to automate a lot of our basic posting. That means promoting

Colin Gray Snapchat Snapcode - the Podcast Host

Why I’m on Snapchat & Why Other Social Sucks

I think I’m just anti social. I hadn’t realised before, but it fits. Don’t worry, not anti-SOCIAL-social. I’m not planning to run off to my hermit cave, just yet. Just, anti-social-media. Recently, at a CMA meetup, I was described as a ‘social skeptic’. That makes me feel a little less outcast, so let’s go with

Use Facebook to Grow Your Podcast

How to use Facebook to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Each day, more artists and business people grow their audience through social networking. Facebook is among the greatest of social networks, despite all the cute cat pictures, so I wanted to look into how to use it in Podcasting. Before we jump in, remember to check out our main article on how to promote your podcast

Promote Your Podcast With Twitter

Promote Your Podcast with Twitter

Back in 2009, when Twitter was still in its infancy, I was named one of the Top 100 Authors on Twitter. I shared this honor with huge names like Meg Cabot and Neil Gaiman. I was thrilled and so very proud! But, these days, it’s a very different animal, and that makes it much more

Starting a Podcast Network

Starting a Podcast Network: Announcing UK Business Broadcasting

It’s time to let slip an idea that I’ve been thinking about and working on sporadically since mid-2014. It sprung out of a conversation with my mastermind group, all of whom are podcasters themselves. The chat involved the eternal topic of podcast promotion. How do you get your show out to more people? How do

Podcasting to promote a service

Podcasting to Promote a Service: Giving it All Away!

Many people turn to podcasting as a part of their marketing plan to promote a service or product. And it’s no wonder: it’s hugely effective. Let’s find out why. Difficult Ease: A Plethora of Competition In this age of ever-increasing information and technical advancements, is it simultaneously easier and harder than ever to get your product

Promote your podcast

How to Promote Your Podcast and Boost Downloads

This article was contributed by Martin Higgins of The Eternities Podcast. If a podcast is never downloaded, does it make a sound? This is the fate we want to avoid, so here are the methods that I’ve personally found most effective in boosting downloads for my own podcast. Please yourself, please your audience Your first audience


How to Gain & Retain Listeners in a Growing Podcasting World

The world of Podcasting is growing, and that may be a problem. It’s great too, of course – we want to encourage as many people to enter our world as possible – but we can’t ignore the growing pains that increasing public awareness introduces. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spout forth about “the renaissance

Gaining Exposure for your Podcast

Gaining Exposure for Your Podcast: The How & Why

If you’re taking the time to record a podcast, then presumably you’re hoping that people will listen! We all hope and pray that when we load up our figures at the end of each week we’ll discover we’ve gone viral, but that normally doesn’t happen by itself. It takes a whole lot of work. The