Podcast Addict Review | A Listening App for Android Devices

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Podcast Addict is a listening app for Android with customizable features and car navigation.

In a nutshell: Podcast Addict is a listening app for Android devices. We'll discuss what sets it apart from other Android listening apps in terms of ease of use, playback control, and user customization.

  • There's a free version and a donation version of the app.
  • The car layout makes it easier to navigate while driving.
  • You can search charts in other languages.
  • Podcast Addict's relationship with beta testers helps them to make the app more of what their users want.

Details ahead!

Podcast Addict, a listening app for Android mobile devices, has been generating some buzz lately. Recently, the company announced some new features for beta testing in the near future, and added a different storage method. We've talked about some great podcast apps for iOS and Android recently, but Podcast Addict has a loyal following, so let's take a look at this listening app.

When I wrote about “best” listening apps for iOS (or iPhone) and Android, I set up some criteria. What I feel makes a listening app good is:

  • User control over playback and sound
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Organization and discovery.

Taking this criteria in mind, let's have a closer look at Podcast Addict.

Podcast Addict: Free vs. Donation

There is a free version of the app, and a version which you can get in exchange for a donation. The free version is pretty robust.

The free version of the app is supported by ads, which can either be small banners at the bottom of your app screen (like Overcast.fm's ads), or infrequent full-screen ads (users get to choose which). Unlike Overcast, however, the ads are provided by Google and other outside networks. Clicking on them doesn't keep you within the app.

Navigation and car listening

The Car Layout feature provides a simplified screen with big buttons and a suite of EQ options. A great thing here is that you don't have to have Android Auto or a phone interface of any kind to use this. Buttons are clearly visible and easy to hit without taking your eyes too far off the road. Not everyone has a car built after 2014, and a screen with navigation options that are more clear is always a good option.

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Voice control and playback options

A nice feature is that, for each podcast you listen to, you can customize the playback options in perpetuity. The skip/forward and back options are customizable,

Podcast Addict has Volume Boost, to make voices distinct from the background. It has Mono Audio, which takes the stereo channel and sandwiches them into mono in each ear. Some people have not-good hearing in one ear, so this could be a plus. While listening, of course, you can adjust the playback speed. You can adjust the speed from 0.8X all the way to 5.0X. Skipping silences is an option.

Discovery and organization

Podcast Addict has categories of shows and allows you to search by keyword. Another nice feature is that you can search by language. If you're looking for a podcast about financial planning that's doing well on, say, a Spanish-speaking country's chart, you can select Spanish and search for “gestión financiera.”

On opening, Podcast Addict shows the full list of your subscriptions. The Categories are where you would set up lists of podcasts you want to listen to, and you would edit it and add categories with whatever name you like. From the individual podcast subscription, you can automatically add new episodes to the same playlist, and the number of episodes to keep or eliminate. You can even eliminate episodes based on how long they've sat there, rather than how many there are.

By default, Podcast Addict will only download or stream over a WiFi connection. Their “Getting Started” article recommends that you should check your network settings and confirm whether you want the episodes to be available only over WiFi, or through 3G or 4G. To refresh your feeds automatically, you have to enable it from the settings menu, and set a time to update.

Podcast Addict Review - Organization

Podcast Addict: Recent News

In February of this year, Podcast Addict announced on Twitter that the newest version of the app would allow users to enable an automatic backup of the app data. To make this work, users would sign up for a Google Drive account, and then connect their app to store a backup there. If you listen to podcasts that are evergreen content, such as guided meditation podcasts or yoga workouts, this could be helpful.

Podcast Addict has a beta testing program, which allows users to try out new features before they're released to the general public. This program not only helps the app improve, but also it rewards app users' loyalty by giving them the opportunity to make the app more useful.

Podcast Advertising on Podcast Addict

Recently, Podcast Addict created a podcast advertising feature. This allows podcasters to run paid ads and promote their shows within the app.

Podcast Addict's ad setup is similar to Overcast in many ways, in terms of how it works, and its benefits.

One slight difference is that there are 2 different ad placements available. You can opt for the main screen – the area where users are searching for new podcasts. Or, you can place your ad in a specific category to target users browsing in there.

You can run your podcast ad in any language. Once live, it will run for a full month.

Planning to Use Podcast Addict?

Podcast Addict, whether in its free or donation version, is an intuitive, unobtrusive, useful listening app. The company pays attention to its users' needs and desires, and uses this information to improve the app.

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