Should I Make a Video Podcast?

A few podcasters have asked me whether they should make a video podcast. My answer? Probably not. Let’s dig into why.

should I make a video podcast

When people think podcasts, they think audio. Podcatchers do have video capabilities though.

A few podcasters have asked me whether they should do a video podcast. My answer? Probably not. Let's dig into why.

Why video?

When thinking about why you might want to make a video podcast, think first about why you want to make a video podcast.

Most podcasters think they will reach more of an audience with video. But we call the podcast audience “listeners” for a reason.

Most podcast fans will listen on their commute, while they're doing chores, or while they're doing something else that requires their visual focus.

When you make a video podcast, your audience will probably be more confused than grateful. The audio-only aspect of podcasts is one of the things that make them great.

Putting videos on a podcast feed isn't likely to broaden your audience. People like video, but they don't turn to a podcatcher for that.

So now that you've asked yourself, “Why video?” you should start to ask yourself, “Why podcast?”

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Why podcast?

Usually, making a video series on a podcast feed will leave your prospective audience confused about your choice of delivery. This is especially true for younger audiences. Millennials go to specific places for video, and not a one of them is a podcatcher.

Some podcasters want to make a video podcast because they think they have a great presence on video, or that their content will work better on video. If that's the case, why do you want to make a podcast? Having a YouTube channel makes much more sense in this case.

If you still want to upload something on a podcast feed, record audio along with the video (or rip the audio from the video). That way, you'll have the video where it belongs (YouTube) and the audio where it belongs (your podcast feed).

Some podcasters want to use video in addition to their podcast to engage their audience. They want to send quick little videos to say hello, show their recording space, etc. If that's the case, using SnapChat, Instagram, or even Twitter makes much more sense.

There are plenty of platforms where visuals make sense, and your podcast should be on as many social media platforms as you can manage. For some people, that means having one favorite platform, like Colin's love of SnapChat. For some people, that means SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

This is a great way of making video-forward platforms meaningful for your socials. Don't waste that opportunity on a video podcast most of your audience is likely to skip.

The benefits of YouTube

Most podcasters think YouTube is a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be. It also has a shocking number of benefits.

YouTube makes sharing your podcast on other socials much easier. YouTube embeds nicely in WordPress posts, in Twitter posts, on Discord, on Facebook, etc. Podcasts via podcatchers don't.

YouTube also has fairly decent automatic captions you can add to your video for free. They aren't perfect, but they're much better than having no transcripts. Always remember that if your podcast isn't transcribed, it isn't accessible for many people.

YouTube is also a much more user-friendly app for most people than podcatchers are. If you use tags well, people are more likely to find your podcast via search on YouTube than a search on a podcatcher. It's a good way to reach out to listeners who might not expect to love a podcast.

Should you make a video podcast? No, probably not.

Video podcasts aren't really appealing to podcast listeners. A video on your podcast feed is likely to be ignored.

Instead, opt for uploading videos on platforms that make more sense: YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Think about why you want to make videos, and then think about why you want to make a podcast. And always think about your audience.

Let's talk about videos and marketing

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