There's no better way to get help with your content, than through one-on-one podcast coaching.

At The Podcast Host, we can tailor a programme around your exact needs, so you don't waste a penny of your budget, or a minute of your time.

Alternatively, we have pre-designed packages built around the most common needs of our podcast coaching clients.

So, whether you need bespoke help with your show, or an off-the-shelf package, you should find what you need right here.

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Laura Evans

The Podcast Host were a tremendous help when helping us create our podcast. From the concept, naming it, through to hosting options, different strategies to launch it and how to grow it. Their knowledge and ideas were invaluable at the start of the process (as someone who knew NOTHING about podcasts they educated me very quickly!). Thank You!

Laura Evans
NLP Talks

Dr. Myriam Hadness

I worked with The Podcast Host in the framework of their launch programme. And, after two weeks I had the first 5-star rating on iTunes. With their support, I could avoid beginners’ mistakes that would have cost me time and credibility. Instead, they provided me targeted advice in all fields: How to position myself, find a name and design for the show, script the teaser and intro so that the audience will listen. And, of course they guided me through the confusion regarding tools, gear and editing skills. First impressions make a difference and The Podcast Host made sure that I landed the best possible first impression with my podcast.

Dr. Myriam Hadness
Workshops Work

Alex Twersky

When we set out to produce the Living Well with MS podcast, we were fuelled by passion but recognized a big gap in knowledge. We needed to learn about how to make a podcast come together. I’m a huge fan of podcasts personally, but I had no clue how to create one from scratch. Turning to The Podcast Host was the best decision we could have made. They guided us through the process methodically, and step by step our vision for the podcast became a reality. The fact that we are still working with The Podcast Host on the production front is a testament to the big part they played – and continue to play – in making this vital effort to inform the MS community about positive lifestyle changes a big success!

Alex Twersky
Overcoming MS


Learning to do anything in life can be a rocky road of trial and error. Podcasting is certainly no exception to this.

At The Podcast Host, we believe in making podcasting as accessible as possible. We want to break down the tech barriers, dispel myths and bad advice, and help people to get their message out there in as simple and as sustainable a way as possible.

When you're starting out, the sheer amount of information, equipment, and services out there can seem overwhelming.

One Google session and a browse through some social media communities can leave your head spinning. Every opinion you hear seems to add to your to-do list, or directly contradict something you just read elsewhere.

For some, this self-taught approach can work fine. If you've plenty time and don't mind making a few mistakes along the way, you'll gradually pick things up and find your feet with it all.

For others, mistakes and rough early content isn't an option. If you're podcasting as part of your brand or business, then it needs to be good right out of the gate.

Having your own podcast coaching programme can ensure that you build your show on the best possible foundations. We'll help you;

  • Get answers to every podcast-related question you've ever had
  • Save money by choosing the right gear, hosting, and software for your needs
  • Create addictive content that resonates with your listeners, and compels them to share it
  • Achieve a professional sounding show from episode 1
  • Optimise your podcast for growth, right from the start
  • Only focus on tasks that really move the needle
  • Set yourself up for success with a sustainable workflow

With over 700,000 active podcasts out there, and new ones being launched every day, it's becoming harder to truly stand out.

We're one of the top podcast consulting companies in the industry, with well over 600 ‘how-to' articles on our site. We know this stuff inside out, and we'd love to be in your corner.

Contact us for more details. Or, fill in the form above, and we'll be in touch!

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Or, fill in the form above, and we'll be in touch!