The vast majority of podcasts are run by one single person. But does the “one man band” approach work for Highly-Produced Podcasts?

The answer is, it depends. There are reasons why it can work, and reasons why it might not.

You might really dislike some of the tasks involved in putting this type of show together, and be keen to outsource them to someone else.

You might simply not have the time to do it all yourself, or maybe it’s the expertise in certain areas that you feel you’re lacking in.

The starting point here is to break yourself down into a fully fledged production team, and ask yourself “do I want to do all of this?”

Team Roles

Creative Director

  • Comes up with the ideas
  • Identifies good content
  • Shapes the narrative and storylines
  • Always mindful of big picture. Where is this going, what is it achieving?

Audio Producer

  • Records good clean source material
  • Processes, cuts, and mixes all the audio on computer
  • Creates a polished finished product

Content Gatherer/Interviewer

  • Travels to meet and interview guests
  • Knows how to interview, and what content to seek out
  • Good people skills
  • May also do interviews online via Skype etc

Script Writer

  • Can write in a manner that sounds like natural speech
  • Can tie the content and narrative together
  • Is a natural storyteller


  • Confident and assured on the mic
  • Presentation skills
  • Can read without making it sound like they’re reading


  • Can seek out information online or in books
  • Can identify what’s relevant vs what isn’t
  • Focused, not easily distracted
  • Can present information clearly so it can be interpreted by all

What are your strengths and weaknesses here?

Do you have the time, confidence, and willingness to wear every hat? If not, what would you like to do, and what would you like to outsource?

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How do you build a team, or find someone to outsource your project to?

The simplest, quickest but potentially most expensive is to work with one single podcast production company – like The Podcast Host, for example!

Alternatively, you can manually put a team of friends/freelancers together. This is potentially cheaper, but can take longer to set up. It can also be risky, as “one weak link can break the chain”.

Where do you find team members?

  • Friends/creative associates
  • Fiverr, Upwork,
  • Advertise on sites like Gumtree or Craigslist
  • Online communities like Facebook
  • Local university and college courses

Managing your project

  • Have clearly agreed SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Regular updates and communication
  • Set deadlines
  • Slack is a good platform for communication
  • Trello is an excellent project management tool