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Creating a Church Podcast: Use Podcasting to Deliver Your Sermons to More People

Many organizations today are finding new and innovative ways to use technology to their advantage. Podcasting sermons is one of the newest trends, and many ministers are now creating church podcasts for their congregations.

Creating A Church PodcastAlthough in the past, community residents were limited to enjoying sermons given in local houses of worship, podcasting for churches, whether Christian or any other religion, has now become easily possible.

Religious Podcasting allows followers to listen to mass or sermons while travelling, or at their own convenience. And with simple and easy podcasting tools readily available, Christian Podcasts, or those for any religion, are really simple to create.

Creating your Religious Podcast

The first step when creating a religious podcast is to record the sermon or the material. There are many software programs available that offer excellent quality for recording. Equipment is often a barrier at this point, but the setup can be very simple. You'll need nothing more than a digital recorder and a lavalier microphone.

Many churches and religious organizations already record their sermons. If that's the case for you, then the files simply have to be reformatted for podcast distribution, perhaps a little editing and audio tidy-up.

After the podcast has exported as a MP3, it should be uploaded to a reliable Podcast Hosting service. This will generate the feeds necessary to allow people to subscribe, and allow people to easily listen to your recordings.

Promoting your Church Podcast

While many people are interested in listening to religious podcasts, they can have trouble finding the files online. Proper promotion is important. Placing notices in bulletins, newsletters, and the church's website are some of the best ways to reach your audience.

Religious organizations can also submit their podcast to some of the top podcasting directories. The iTunes store remains one of the most popular directories, but there are many others.  This is a simple method of promotion that can be used to reach audiences around the world and give them access to the material easily.

Create a Website/Blog for Your Show

Follow our free guide to set up a website to run, grow & monetise your podcast:

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Keeping your Material Fresh

It's important to update your podcast on a regular basis, whether daily, weekly, or even monthly. Adding a new podcast episode is really simple with any good podcast host. When you upload a new episode, the feed is updated and subscribers will automatically receive the new content.

When managing the podcast, it's also important to keep your aged material available so that listeners can download older sermons. This happens as standard with a good host. Also, remember that many people who listen to sermon podcasts might not be as up to date on newer technologies as most. To combat that, be sure to include an information page which will help users subscribe to the show and access the material much more easily.

Ease of Access

The benefits of podcasting is that updating the material takes very little time and it's an easy way to reach audiences who cannot attend the church in person. Podcasting expands the reach of a church.

Additionally, churches can choose to record video, for those who enjoy watching a sermon instead of just listening. The audio track can easily be re-purposed from that video so that you offer both mediums. It's a great way to cater to people's personal tastes. You can find out how to record in that manner in Chapter 7 of our Content Stacking series.

The ability to subscribe is also a benefit for those who may not naturally check back to the church website on a regular basis. After subscribing to the podcast, users will automatically receive new sermons and material as soon as the website is updated. They don't have to do anything to download the material.

Choosing to podcast your sermons is a great way to reach a larger audience and many churches are now taking advantage of this technology.

Next Steps in Creating Your Church Podcast

If you want to learn more about how to get started in Podcasting, check out our How to Podcast guide. Or for fully comprehensive courses and resources on the subject, including equipment, promotion and much more, check out our course catalog.

Image Credit: govert1970 on Flickr


  1. Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates on 15th May 2014 at 1:40 pm

    I am interested in helping pastors learn to use podcasting to reach the spiritually independent people in our communities. Can you give me an idea about the costs for setting up an on-line or in person course for them? There might be as few as a half-dozen participants or there might be many more.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Colin Gray on 15th May 2014 at 2:39 pm

      Hi Bonnie,

      More than happy to chat to you about this – that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

      I tried to email the address you supplied with this comment, but got an error back so I think there might have been a type. Could you contact me again either with another comment, or via the Contact Page?

  2. Brian on 27th November 2016 at 6:14 pm

    hie I’m Brian I live in Namibia I want you to help me setup a Christian podcast here of sermons I have recorded.

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