Top 5 Podcasts Hosted Here On The Podcast Host

This directory list is intended to showcase some of the best Podcasts on our own network. There's no genre here, no categories, just Podcasts that chose to call The Podcast Host home. We're always grateful to those that become a part of the Podcast Host family and the Podcasts below are some of the best to have done just that.

So, check them out below – then sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best that The Podcast Host network has to offer.

The Sprocket Podcast

By Brock Dittus and Aaron Flores

The Sprocket is an excellent Podcast revolving around taking the simple path, enjoying life and taking things as they come. Brock and Aaron talk about a variety of things, including bikes, alternative transportation, food and drink. Topics  range from the internet and communication, to arts and culture. There aren't many ‘casts which can claim the same attachment to a ‘No two shows are the same' mentality. Check out the Sprocket Podcast and enjoy the good life!


The Brain Palace

By Chris and Oli

The Brain Palace is a podcast presented by Chris (theaficionados2010) and Oli (InvidNinja92) and revolves heavily around films and movies from a huge range of genres and decades. They cover a crazy amount of ground, from 80s Japanese animation to debatable remakes of great golden ages TV (cough!…. The A-Team…. cough!). The Brain Palace is a great listen, not only for film fans, but anyone who enjoys good conversation and great laughs.


Dicing with Design

By Grant, Joe and Colin

Dicing with Design is a gaming podcast with a focus on how these crazy games are made. Joe, an experienced game designer, chat with Colin and Grant (both gaming geeks of all genres) about all aspects of how games are conceived, designed and played. They cover board games, role playing games, video games, wargames and a lot more. Recently they've taken on the challenge of collaboratively designing a game on the Podcast and are expanding the rules with each episode. If you're of a geeky nature, this is one not to miss.


The Edinburgh Napier Radio Show

By Edinburgh Napier University

This is a radio show style podcast by one of our university members, the Professional Development team at Edinburgh Napier. It covers all aspects of technology enhanced learning, improving teaching practise and generally improving the student experience. If you're a teacher in school, or a university lecturer, then this should definitely be of interest to you. Covering interviews with educational experts and features on conferences around the country, this podcast can't help but improve your teaching!


The Learning, Teaching & Assessment Podcast

By Karen Strickland

Another education podcast, because we're big into supporting universities and schools in enhancing their teaching through technology. This one covers all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment, and talks about a range of examples of good practise that are going on right now in classrooms in Scotland. This Podcast can teach any educator a couple of new tricks and is well worth a listen.