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Tailored Podcast Hosting

Tailored Podcast Hosting

I'll create podcast hosting tailored for you, with the features YOU want, aimed at promoting your content and your...

Free How to Podcast Book

Free How to Podcast Book

Learn How to Podcast with my free book, discussing ever step, such as equipment, environment, scripting, editing and...

Podcast Consultant

Podcast Consultant

I've taught podcasting at University & in Business. I can offer personal help in learning the trade & getting your...

Educational Podcasting

Educational Podcasting

The use of Podcasts in education is exploding, and for good reason. I offer space tailor made for university & school...

PodCraft: How to Podcast

PodCraft: How to Podcast

Graduate from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster with the PodCraft Podcast, teaching you everything you need to...

UK Podcast Hosting

UK Podcast Hosting

I've offered Podcast Hosting UK wide to businesses, individuals and education since the early days of the UK...

PodCraft: Honing the Art of Podcasting

Farewell to Series 4 & Plans for PodCraft in 2015

Colin Gray
In this short tie-up episode I say farewell to Series 4 and look forward into 2015. It’s year change time and plans are always afoot after all! ...

Podcast Presentation Skills: Being an Engaging Presenter with John Colley

Colin Gray
This week I want to go back to basics and talk about presentation skills. It’s taken as read that in-person presenting, getting up in front of a...

How to Interview for Podcasting | With Radio Pro, Matt Young

Colin Gray
In a series all about presenting your Podcast content, we can hardly miss out one of the biggest trends in Podcasting of recent years: the humble inte...

Podcast Planning & Logistics with John Lee Dumas

Colin Gray
On this episode of PodCraft I’m delighted to welcome Mr John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. John has been delivering amazing, high value con...

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UK Podcasting Conferences and Events 2015

March 31st

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