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Tailored Podcast Hosting

Tailored Podcast Hosting

I'll create podcast hosting tailored for you, with the features YOU want, aimed at promoting your content and your...

Free How to Podcast Book

Free How to Podcast Book

Learn How to Podcast with my free book, discussing ever step, such as equipment, environment, scripting, editing and...

Podcast Consultant

Podcast Consultant

I've taught podcasting at University & in Business. I can offer personal help in learning the trade & getting your...

Educational Podcasting

Educational Podcasting

The use of Podcasts in education is exploding, and for good reason. I offer space tailor made for university & school...

PodCraft: How to Podcast

PodCraft: How to Podcast

Graduate from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster with the PodCraft Podcast, teaching you everything you need to...

UK Podcast Hosting

UK Podcast Hosting

I've offered Podcast Hosting UK wide to businesses, individuals and education since the early days of the UK...

PodCraft: Honing the Art of Podcasting

Series 3 Teaser & an Interview with the Boagworld Team

Colin Gray
In this episode I’m introducing the topic and format of the next series of PodCraft, and it’s something a little different. Next, I’...

Podcasting Cables, Mic Stands & Pop Filters: the Bits & Bobs | Podcraft Podcast S2E6

Colin Gray
In this, the last episode of Series 2: A Guide to Podcasting Equipment, I’m covering the bits and bobs of podcasting – all of the things t...

Audio Editing Software for Podcasting (DAWs to the Pros) | Podcraft Podcast S2E5

Colin Gray
In this episode we’re looking at Audio production software, commonly know as a Digital Audio Workstation in the audio production industry. We...

Audio Monitoring for Podcasting: Headsets vs Speakers & How to Choose | Podcraft S2EP4

Colin Gray
In this episode I’m talking about Audio monitoring. That means everything around how you listen to yourself when recording, and how you monitor ...

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