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I Offer Tailored Podcast Hosting, Training & Mentoring, Built For You

  • Tailored Podcasting Websites - a home built to best showcase your content
  • 'Managed Podcasting' - I help add features, maintain themes
  • Podcasting Mentoring - I'll teach you equipment, planning & marketing
  • Podcast Training - online courses to take you from novice to expert

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Tailored Podcast Hosting

Tailored Podcast Hosting

I'll create podcast hosting tailored for you, with the features YOU want, aimed at promoting your content and your brand.
> Tailored Podcast Hosting

How to Podcast

How to Podcast

Learn How to Podcast with my easy guide - learn the equipment, the software, the editing & the planning skills you need.
> How to Podcast

UK Podcast Hosting

UK Podcast Hosting

I've offered Podcast Hosting UK wide to businesses, individuals and education since the early days of the UK Podcasting scene.
> UK Podcast Hosting

Educational Podcasting

Educational Podcasting

The use of Podcasts in education is exploding, and for good reason. I offer space tailor made for university & school podcasting.
> Education podcast hosting

The Podschool Podcast

The Podschool Podcast

Graduate from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster with the Podschool Podcast, teaching you everything you need to know.
> Podschool Podcast

Podcast Consultant

Podcast Consultant

I've taught podcasting at University & in Business. I can offer personal help in learning the trade & getting your podcast out there.
> UK Podcast Consultant

Podschool: Learning How to Podcast

Choosing the Best Podcast Hosting Option For You | PS08

Colin Gray
Throughout your Podcasting journey there is a lot of research, learning and experimentation to be done. Nearly all of it is interesting and fun, but o...

How to Edit a Podcast: How Much & What Type of Editing Should I Do? | PS07

Colin Gray
Podcast editing is a skill, like any other, but it’s also a skill to know how much you actually need to edit. We’re looking at when and ho...

Creating a Good Podcast Recording Environment | PS06

Colin Gray
Today we’re talking about recording environments. The space in which you record makes a big difference to the quality of your Podcasts. Background n...

Podcasting Equipment Setups: The Different Ways to Record a Podcast | PS05

Colin Gray
Today we’re looking at the different ways you can produce a podcast, including all of the different podcast equipment configurations you could u...

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